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Paper Quilt Square

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Paper Quilt Square

I made this 12″ x 12″ paper quilt square last week. It’s for my Mom to hang on the wall of her sewing room, where she creates her gorgeous full-size fabric quilts. The stitch and sewing-themed stamps came from a great local store called Blockheads. (Click the photo to visit their website.)


Handmade Salt Cellar Pincushion

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Handmade Salt Cellar Pincushion

Prior to the introduction of free-flowing table salt (and therefore salt shakers), salt cellars were used to hold and dispense salt at the table. Varying greatly in size, material and design, salt cellars are now collectible items.

My Mom recently started making these adorable pincushions out of individual-sized antique glass salt cellars. This is the one I was luckily enough to snag over the holidays. It’s super tiny: Each side of the glass square base is only 1.5″ and the cushion itself is only an inch across, which means the cherries on the fabric are TEENSY!

Unfortunately, I don’t have step-by-step instructions yet; Mom is going to teach me in person when she visits this summer. Until then, I’ll be on the lookout for:
* small glass salt cellars at antique/thrift/vintage stores, estate & yard sales, etc.
* 100% cotton fabrics which feature tiny prints & patterns
* decorative straight pins, beads, and mini buttons which match the fabric colors

This is a great example of repurposing, and makes a cute gift for fellow crafters!

Handmade Valentine’s Card

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Handmade Valentine's Card

* cut or punch a heart-shaped hole in the top layer of your card
* back up the hole with clear packing tape, so the sticky side is facing up through the hole
* sprinkle with glitter & shake off excess
* attach top layer to card with pop-up glue dots
* write sentiment with a glue pen
* sprinkle with glitter & shake off excess

Handmade Stamped Robot Birthday Card

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Handmade Stamped Robot Birthday Card

– stamp robots on metallic paper with clear ink
– sprinkle with embossing powder & shake off excess
– emboss using a heat gun
– spritz front of folded card with fine silver glitter spray
– draw a few bigger stars with a fine-point silver pen
– cut out robots & adhere with pop-up/3D glue dots

Hand Decorated Mini Christmas Gift Bag

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Hand Decorated Mini Christmas Gift Bag

Perfect for giving gift cards and small holiday treats!

How to:

– start with a plain paper gift bag (I used good ol’ recycled kraft brown)
– cut out various shapes & sizes of backgrounds from old Christmas cards
– stamp & heat emboss a seasonal sentiment on a solid piece of cardstock (I used “No Peeking!” on textured bazzil)
– adhere sentiment as the top layer
– stuff the bag with matching tissue paper and tie a ribbon on the handles to jazz it up even more

Cat in a Ruffled Dog Sweater

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Cat in a Ruffled Dog Sweater

This is my eldest, Princess Buttercup, modeling a hand-knitted creation by talented local crafter, Patty Collins (and is quite happy to do so, I might add.) Patty normally does custom orders for dogs; This was her first sale specifically for a cat.

Handmade Christmas Card – Joy Gift Tags

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Handmade Christmas Card - Joy Gift Tags

– stamp a geometric pattern all over the card using clear embossing ink
– sprinkle with clear embossing powder & shake off excess
– emboss with heat gun to set
– punch 3 gift tag shapes from cardstock (aka cover weight paper)
– stamp each with one letter to spell out your sentiment
– string each tag on a piece of ribbon
– attach ribbons to card using brads