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My Foray Into Simple Jewelry Assembly

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My Foray Into Simple Jewelry Assembly

I haven’t really done too much jewelry-making, but a recent search for a specific elastic cord led me to a local bead store.

While they did not carry the elusive cord. my stop nevertheless resulted in the following impulse acquisitions:

* 7 pairs of fun dangling charms (they have a loop at or near the top, as opposed to a hole through them like actual beads)
* 7 pairs of earring hooks (in colors to match the charms)
* a small package of jump rings in various sizes and colors (necessary to connect the charm to the hook)
* a set of three small pliers (chain nose, round nose, and needle nose)

I took my findings home and watched this quick tutorial:

After less than an hour of work, I had 7 new pairs of earrings. And even though I didn’t technically make the entire item myself, the processes of searching for the perfect parts, assembly, gifting, and wearing proved to be just as rewarding.