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Handmade DIY Paper Headboard / Wallhanging

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Handmade DIY Paper Headboard / Wallhanging

This cute and economical way to fill an area of blank wall just requires a sewing machine and the following supplies:

* 1 stick / branch of desired size (use the size of the wall space as your guide)
* cardstock (aka cover weight paper) HINT: Use multiple colors & patterns to create a dynamic calico effect, solids to create a bold statement, or dark-to-light to create the currently coveted ombre effect. (I chose a couple metallic solids and a few different double-sided patterns in complementing colors.)
* a circular hole punch (I used 1″, although bigger or smaller would also work.)

To make:

* Thread your machine with whatever color you prefer. (I used a basic white.)
* Punch a TON of circles. (To get a ballpark figure, line them up on a table or floor as you punch. Count how many it takes to reach the desired length, and multiply that by the number of columns you want.)
* After leaving roughly 6″ of thread allowance at the top, slowly feed one circle under the presser foot, allowing the needle to sew a straight line down the center of the circle.
* Have the next circle ready (touching, but not overlapping the previous) because you don’t really want a gap between them.
* Feed a whole column of circles continuously until the you’ve reached your desired length. Lock the end of the stiches in place with a quick reverse.
* Using the 6″ thread allowance, tie the top end of each column to the stick at equal intervals.
* I hung the stick using string and thumbtacks. Not the classiest method, but it worked in a pinch. đŸ™‚

PS: This also looks lovely in a window, hanging from a canopy tent during a craft fair, as part of wedding decor…you get the idea. And if you have an electronic cutting machine (e.g. Cricut,) all the punching is done for you!


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